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Sun-Star Electric, Inc. in Lubbock, Texas, offers submersible electric motor sale and services. Sun-Star has specialized in the service and sales of submersible electric motors since 1977. Sun-Star’s focus is on all areas of the manufacture, repair, design, and fabrication of water and oil-filled, wet-wound motors. Sun-Star Electric, Inc. is the principal worldwide distributor for Hitachi submersible electric motors and their only authorized warranty, repair, and service facility. With thousands of stock submersible motors on hand as well as the ability to manufacture for specific applications, Sun-Star Electric can furnish all your submersible motor requirements. We work hard to provide the best submersible electric motors around and keep our customers satisfied.

Sun-Star Electric, Inc. maintains a 75,000 square feet manufacturing facility. The plant is fully equipped for the manufacture and repair of submersible electric motors and accommodates 90% of fabrication, machining, winding, and testing in-house. We serve the United States as well as international markets. Sun-Star Electric, Inc. is a Texas corporation established in 1977. It began as an authorized distributor in the United States for Hitachi submersible motors and has since expanded to become Hitachi’s principal distributor and only authorized, warranty, repair and manufacturing facility in the world. In the early 1990’s Sun-Star Electric, Inc. began manufacturing Sun Star motors for special and standard applications along with the deep-ocean capable Aqua Star motor. In 2011 Sun-Star Electric, Inc. transitioned to an employee-owned company (ESOP).


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