Aqua Star Deep Ocean Motors

Sun-Star Electric, Inc. manufactures Aqua Star motors for deep ocean and other subsea applications. The Aqua Star is ideally suited for new ROV applications and can be retrofit for existing submersible units. Sun-Star can customize Aqua Star motors for specific applications in both water and oil-filled constructions and in voltages ranging from 460V to 6,600V. The Aqua Star can be designed and engineered for an accurate fit, and for deep ocean operation at depths greater than 10,000m.

1. Winding

The winding wire and other components are all oil resistant, class F or higher materials. Our voltage range is from 460 volt to 6600 volt. The winding wire exceeds inverter duty ratings and all windings are tested to meet applicable NEMA and IEEE standards.

2. Stator

The standard stator casing material is corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel. This provides superior casing strength and allows a lamination design for increased horsepower per weight ratio.

3. Sealing System

The motor employs a rotating mechanical seal or double rubber seals for sealing at the shaft.

4. Bearings

Where applicable, anti-friction ball or roller bearings are sized to exceed normal requirements insuring a long service life for motor operations, and easy field service if required.

5. Power Leads

The power leads are a continuous cable configuration utilizing a PBOF design from the junction box to the motor.

6. Sensor

A sensor hub option is available for temperature monitoring and water ingress detection.

7. Shaft

The motor can be a single or double shaft configuration.