Sun-Star Electric, Inc. specializes in all aspects of submersible electric motor operation, performance, and design. Due to industry demand for readily available quality parts, we redesign and machine major components of other manufacturer’s units for repair and re-manufacture. At Sun-Star Electric, Inc. we are applying our expertise to raise the level of quality and reliability by designing and manufacturing our own lines of submersible motors. These units are available in water-filled and oil-filled constructions.

They include: the deep ocean capable Aqua Star Motor, the Sun Star Hitachi, manufactured from Hitachi components for quick delivery, the Water-Filled Sun Star Type “D” Motor, the RO Duty stainless steel motor and the Sun Star Type “M” Oil-Filled Motor. We also design and manufacture special application submersibles for specific requirements. The combined industry experience and expertise of our employees and staff culminates into hundreds of years of experience with submersible pumping systems.